LINKMED® IE Interface

LINKMED® IE HL7 Bi-Directional Interface

Inbound Interface Workflows

The LINKMED® IE Interface processed filtered and reformatted HL7 and non-HL7 format to other file format.
The following are LINKMED® IE Inbound HL7 interface workflows:

  • HIS or EMR systems send HL7 messages to LINKMED® IE interface.
  • LINKMED® IE HL7 TCP/IP Receiver receives and sends HL7 message acknowledgements.
  • LINKMED® Receiver creates HL7 messages.
  • HL7 messages passed through LINKMED® Interface Engine (Change to Vendor's file format)
  • Parsed HL7 messages are imported to vendors applications or systems.
  • Patient demographics and others information can be stored in LINKMED® intermediate database.
  • In Bi-directional interface LINKMED® interface assigned unique key identifiers (ORM) for study result reconciliation.
  • LINKMED® Interface accepts HL7 ADT updates of patient's study order (HL7 ORM) automatically.
  • Automatically updates order (HL7 ORM) information when receiving HL7 ADT patient merged message(supports both merge patient ID or merge patient account numbers.

  • Inbound

    Outbound Interface Workflows:

    The LINKMED® Interface Engine processed and reconciled study reports with previously received ADT or Order messages, then creates HL7 messages (ORU or MDM) and sends that back to the HIS or EMR systems.

  • Lab results, Diagnostic study or Transcribed reports received back from Vendors systems are reconciled with orders or ADT information's stored in the LINKMED® interface intermediate database.
  • HL7 result message (ORU)or Documentation (MDM) message is created if all records unique key identifiers are matched.
  • Reports with unmatched unique key identifiers are processed for later reconciliation with ADT or Order sent from the HIS or EMR OE systems.
  • Study reports can be viewed and print from LINKMED® Select client.
  • HL7 result (ORU) or Documentation (MDM) messages are configured specific to client's specifications (down to HL7 field level).

  • Outbound

    Implementing the interface

    LINKMED® IE provides software and applications needed to create and implement your interface.
    The following is LINKMED® default interface trigering events:

  • HIS or EMR Systems send HL7 ADT /Order message to LINKMED® IE Interface.
  • LINKMED® IE processes and reformated messages for vendors application
  • Formated Data is inserted to Vendor's database
  • LINKMED® IE Interface is activated by Installer

  • Interfaced with:

    • McKESSON STAR series 2000, HPF
    • SIEMENS SMS,OPENLink, Invision, UNITY, Soarian®
    • MEDITECH, ITS, MAGIC(Client/Server)
    • AllScripts-MISYS, Eclipsys SCM
    • Cerner CareConnection, Millennium, PowerChart®
    • MedPlus ChartMaxx
    • Epic Systems Corporation: HyperSpace (Spring 2006:R1 R2)
    • GE Centricity (IDX)CareCast/LastWord
    • Quovadx (cloverleaf)
    • Sun SeeBeyond eGate
    • HL7 compliant systems

    System Requirements:

    Server or VM Ware Server
  • Pentium Dual or Quad Core
  • Window® Server 2000/2003/2008 OS
  • Available 200 GB of Hard drive space
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Microsoft® IIS enable
  • 100/1000 Network Card
  • Client PC

  • Pentium IV Class PC
  • Window® 2000/XP/Win 7/Win 8 Pro OS
  • Available 100 GB of Hard drive space
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) enable
  • 10/100/1000 LAN Card