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We are strategic partner with Philips, Cardiac Science, Saint Jude Medical, Bard, Agfa, and many other Companies. LINKMED® IE Solutions are widely integrated at VA, Duke, Cleveland Clinic, Gundersen Lutheran, NFL, and many other Hospitals as well. LINKMED® IE, Interface Engine, is the first Dynamic Solutions for DICOM-HL7 Interfaces. It can connect virtually to any systems and can convert DICOM, HL7 to virtually any formats. Our technologies absolutely do not require any programming skills and are independent with any programming languages.

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LINK Medical Price
LINKMED® IE, HL7 Interface Engine
Complete HL7 Solutions Bi-Directional HL7 Interface HL7 TCP/IP Communication Drivers Included Professional Implementations Included

LINKMED® IE, HL7- DICOM Interface Engine

Complete DICOM-HL7 Solutions Bi-Directional DICOM-HL7 Interface DICOM-HL7 TCP/IP Communication Drivers Included Professional Implementations Included



LINKMED® IE Technologies and HIPAA Compliancy Statement

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are having a profound impact on the healthcare industry. HIPAA mandates the establishment of standards governing the security and privacy of individually identifiable protected health information (PHI) that is electronically transmitted or maintained by providers, payers and clearinghouses.
LINK Medical sometime receives request from our customers to give statement on how the LINKMED® software comply with the HIPAA regulation in order to help IT administrator manage patient information that flow through the LINKMED® interface (s)

Data flows between Systems
LINKMED® Application is password protected, Data conversion can be encrypted at field level. LINK Medical makes this option available to users when creating their Interface Templates from the LINKMED® Dynamic Mapper Application so data translation can be view by authorized personnel only.

HL7 Messages transfer between system via TCP/IP (MLP) communication protocols or VPN can also be encrypted using LINK Medical's Encryption Technology or customer third party software.

LINKMED® WebSelect Application
The LINKMED® WebSelect allows users to view and download patient test orders from the LINKMED® Intermediate database, user's access limitation to the intermediate database can be configured from the "Network Administrator Console" of the LINKMED® WebSelect Application.
Patient Records stored in the LINKMED® Intermediate database are purged by the LINKMED® Interface Management Application daily (Users defined).

Detail Interface Transaction Exchange Log
All Interface transactions log are kept in the LINKMED® interface folders for a limited time and purged by the LINKMED® Interface Management Application daily. The interface purging processes are configured by authorized interface administrator(s).

Due to patient data privacy and confidentiality issues, new technologies must be HIPAA capable and compliant. LINK Medical Computing, Inc has architected its platform to ensure that patient rights and confidentiality are protected at all times. All data communication can be encrypted at field level to ensure that patient information is secured. LINK Medical will continue to ensure HIPAA compliance in its products and technologies.


LINKMED® Client Privacy Policy

Your information is collected when you fill out our software download form or buying our products from Google checkout.  We use your information to better serve you, improve our customer services and to process your transactions and support.

Your email and Phone Numbers

We use your email to contact you in regard to your transactions or support purposes, we will not sell or exchange your email with any party. Software update or hot fix will be posted on our website and email to our clients that have email on file. We will call you on your phone numbers provided to us for support or confirmation of a transaction purposes only. We will not sell or exchange your phone numbers with any party.