LINKMED® HL7 Interface for Diagnostic Medical Devices

Bi-directional HL7 ADT/Order, Result and Billing Interface

    ECG Management Systems, Cardio-Stations, Cardiac-Rehab Systems, Patient Monitors(Telemetry and ECG),
    EP Lab Systems and Dignostic Medical Systems and Devices


    LINKMED® Integration software can seamlessly integrate with your Diagnostic Medical Devices and Systems, instantly enables your products to have a worklist and connectivity with HIS, RIS, PACS and EMR systems

      LINKMED® integration suite is customizable, scalable and easy to support, save on your company's budget in development and resource by front-end your systems with our technologies , we can help bring solutions to your customers on time and on budget, this benefit allows your company retains competitive edge over your competitors, you are able to offer your customers world-class interfaces and system connectivity within days not months.

      LINKMED® integration software is a "must have" for Medical Diagnostic Systems and Devices vendors looking for middleware. LINKMED® Interface Software is the most trusted software in the healthcare interfacing industry, LINKMED® provides reliable interface for critical care in hospital area such as: Cardiology Department and Intensive Care Units by front-end cardiology systems, Patients monitor devices and provides real-time information exchange to HIS and EMR systems.

      LINKMED® IE HL7 ADT/Order/Result and Billing provides solutions to many of the Diagnostic Medical devices, if your company looking for a workflow/software enhancement to compliment your products, take a look at the growing list below: (typical intergration development time is 3 weeks or less):
      EKG Cart, Patient Monitoring Devices and Systems (vital sign and telemetry), Cardio-Station, ECG Management Systems (EMS), Electrophysiology (EP) Laboratory Systems, Cardio-Respiratory Systems (Blood Gas, Pulmonary Function lab, 12 Leads Resting ECG), Cath Lab (Hemo-dynamic Monitors) Cardiac-Rehab Systems (Treadmill and Stress Test) and Patient bed-side devices.
      LINKMED® IE interface software, is now in its 8th generation, the newly release software includes additional new interface applications, web-enabled interface engine, SQL database, HL7 TCP/IP and DICOM communication drivers.

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Interface withThe following System:

  • McKESSON STAR series 2000, HPF
  • SIEMENS SMS,OPENLink, Invision, UNITY, Soarian®
  • MEDITECH, MAGIC (Client/Server), ITS
  • Allscripts Misys,Eclipsys SCM
  • Cerner CareConnection, Millennium, PowerChart®
  • MedPlus ChartMaxx
  • Epic Systems Corporation: HyperSpace (All Revision)
  • GE Centricity (IDX)CareCast/LastWord
  • Quovadx (cloverleaf)
  • Sun Microsystem® eGate
  • Others HL7 Compliant Systems
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    System Requirements

    • Intel Pentium Dual Core or Compatible Server running on Windows® server 2000/2003/2008/4 GB RAM or
    • Intel Pentium IV Class or Compatible Interface PC running on Windows® XP Pro/Win 7 Pro/2GB RAM
    • VMware® Server compatible
    • 100 GB + Hard Disk space
    • 10/100/1000 LAN
    • CD/DVD ROM
    • Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) enable
    • Web Browser