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I just wanted to drop you a note to express my gratitude to your staff. They have been a great help to us here at DesertValley Hospital in getting the Radiology project up and running. They respondedto my questions in a timely manner, regardless of how silly my questions may have been. Your LINKTools® systems is a quality product that Iwill recommend to anyone looking for this type of interface.

Richard Trower
Desert Valley Hospital

It looks good!!!
Here are some Screenshots. Note in the first screen the entry for CATHCOR is marked complete.... You did that when you sent the order number. Second note on the second screen shot that there is a *.txt document created and attached to a TIU number.
Man, when we're good, we are GOOD!!! Make a backup copy of your configuration files NOW!!
We are ready for a test in Louisville... Just make sure that they have the latest copy of the Siemens Software and let me know what I can do."

Bill Ackerman
Department of Veterans Affairs
Illegitimis nil carborundum

"I just wanted to let you know that I have official approval to issue the PO for this order. The software will be installed at the University of California San Diego, Exercise Lab (PFT Department).
Your support team has been outstanding in assisting us, I again want to acknowledge Andreas, Chuong...for their many contributions.
This is a unique situation that your tools lets us meet that we cannot accomplish with our standard package.
We will be looking at other situations where we cannot solve issues with our existing tools.
I may wish to qualify our Sleep Product with the VA systems later this month, we will be looking at LINKTools® as a possible solution.
If we can substantiate enough usage we hope we can get later quotations in line with the quote provided by Andreas in 2002.
We are looking forward to continuing working with your team."

Ted Johnson
Network Applications / Data Interface Administrator
VIASYS Healthcare
Customer Care Division / Sensormedics Corp.

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for developing such a fine product. Your OrderLink software is a great solution [for HP TraceMaster Product]. We worked unsuccessfully for 6 months trying to get a "home grown" interface system to work after a system crash. After purchasing your OrderLink software, your technical staff was able to help us configure a very complex interface to our HIS system. "In fact, we not only had the software setup, but we successfully tested for every possible problem!! Once the system went live we have not had ANY problems. This is a testimonial to a great product and great technical staff. Our implementation was very easy due to the level of professionalism of your company, very responsive to our needs! Again, thank you."
Jose Miletti, RN BSN, Nurse Analyst/Project Manager
National Institutes of Health (NIH)

"Thank you very much for your outstanding service. I did not expect you to have this fixed before I came to work this morning! "

Best regards,
Nancy Miller
Piedmont Pathology Associates

"The Receiver tool in conjunction with our merge process is working great. As an example, it roughly takes 2 seconds from the point a registration event triggers an A04 or A08 to the point when the information is available in our database. Now that's cool! The NT client running the Receiver tool has been up and running since November without needing a reboot...can't get more stable than that. We are very happy with the results so far and have already proposed the same setup for another hospital that we are in negotiations with."

Santos Bonilla Jr.
Project Manager
Chart LINKs, Inc

"LINK has shown their dedication and responsive behavior. They understand customers requirement and try hard to fulfill them ".
Jai Ram Moolchandani, Manager.

Heartland Information Services

LINKMED® Integration Technologies and HIPAA Compliancy Statement

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are having a profound impact on the healthcare industry. HIPAA mandates the establishment of standards governing the security and privacy of individually identifiable protected health information (PHI) that is electronically transmitted or maintained by providers, payers and clearinghouses.
LINK Medical sometime receives request from our customers to give statement on how the LINKMED® software comply with the HIPAA regulation in order to help IT administrator manage patient information that flow through the LINKMED® interface (s)

Data flows between Systems
LINKMED® Application is password protected, Data conversion can be encrypted at field level. LINK Medical makes this option available to users when creating their Interface Templates from the LINKMED® Dynamic Mapper Application so data translation can be view by authorized personnel only.

HL7 Messages transfer between system via TCP/IP (MLP) communication protocols or VPN can also be encrypted using LINK Medical's Encryption Technology or customer third party software.

LINKMED® Select Application
The LINKMED® Select allows users to view and download patient test orders from the LINKMED® Intermediate database, user's access limitation to the intermediate database can be configured from the "Network Administrator Console" of the LINKMED® Select Application.
Patient Records stored in the LINKMED® Intermediate database are purged by the LINKMED® Interface Management Application daily (Users defined).

Detail Interface Transaction Exchange Log
All Interface transactions log are kept in the LINKMED® interface folders for a limited time and purged by the LINKMED® Interface Management Application daily. The interface purging processes are configured by authorized interface administrator(s).

Due to patient data privacy and confidentiality issues, new technologies must be HIPAA capable and compliant. LINK Medical Computing, Inc has architected its platform to ensure that patient rights and confidentiality are protected at all times. All data communication can be encrypted at field level to ensure that patient information is secured. LINK Medical will continue to ensure HIPAA compliance in its products and technologies.

E-mail: support@linkmed.com

LINKMED® Client Privacy Policy

Your information is collected when you fill out our software download form or buying our products from Google checkout.  We use your information to better serve you, improve our customer services and to process your transactions and support.

Your email and Phone Numbers

We use your email to contact you in regard to your transactions or support purposes, we will not sell or exchange your email with any party. Software update or hot fix will be posted on our website and email to our clients that have email on file. We will call you on your phone numbers provided to us for support or confirmation of a transaction purposes only. We will not sell or exchange your phone numbers with any party.