LINKMED® Interface Engine (IE)

A turnkey solutions for healthcare information system integration. LINKMED® IE supports all widely used interface messaging standards: HL7, XML, DICOM, ASCII, CSV, SQL and User-defined. This cost-effective integration suite allows Developers, Vendors, Consultants, and Hospital IT Personnel to efficiently and effectively create and manage their HL7 and DICOM interfaces.
A Complete Healthcare Interface Solutions In-A-Box.


True Plug & Play HL7 Communication Drivers use to communicate with remote system through TCP/IP socket connections. HL7 messages are wrapped in standard HL7 MLLP protocols or user-defined protocols (headers and trailers). LINKMED® HL7 TCP/IP Communication Drivers can send and receive information in virtually any formats over any protocols, effectively bridging other systems with the LINKMED® Interface environment...


LINKMED® IE HL7/DICOM Interface Services

Save your development time and resources by outsourcing your HL7 Interface to LINKMED® Interface Services. LINK Medical provides all resources needed to build Uni-directional or Bi-directional HL7 interface from start to go live. LINK cost-effective full interface services includes: LINKMED® IE integration software, LINKMED® system integration engineer assigned to your account, your Interface (from your system to your client HIS /EMR systems) documentation, interface Implementation, support and training with seamless transitioning from our integration team to yours.

LINKMED® IE for Cardiology Systems

LINKMED® IE Cardiology Systems Interface software is a workflow enhancement and Bi-directional HL7/ DICOM interface to a wide-range of Cardiology Systems such as: EMS, EP Lab, Cath Lab Hemodynamic Monitors, Cardio-Station, Cardio-pulmonary systems, Threadmill- Stress Test and Cardiac Rehab Systems from HIS, PACS and EMR/EHR systems. read more

LINKMED® IE : Diagnostic Medical Devices Interface

LINKMED® IE for Diagnostic Medical Devices Interface LINKMED® Interface software can seamlessly integrate with your Diagnostic Medical Devices and Systems, instantly enables your products to have a worklist and connectivity with HIS, RIS, PACS and EMR systems. read more