For St. Jude Medical EP-Workmate™


EPLINK is an interface and work-flow enhancement tool that effectively enables users to receive patient demographics and/or EP Orders from a hospital information system and make that data available to one or more of BARD’s LabSystem™PRO. EPLINK’s upload module also enables confirmed EP test results to be automatically uploaded back to a hospital information system for billing and/or populating enterprise-wide electronic patient records. Redundant and inaccurate data entry is minimized and users are able to monitor the status of pending and completed Orders at any time. EPLINK is able to accept all the necessary components of an HL7 ADT or Orders Message and retain the information to generate an HL7 result and/or billing transaction. By utilizing the accurate and comprehensive data of the hospital information system, EPLINK minimizes the opportunity for orders and tests to be misplaced or lost. Furthermore, redundant and inaccurate data entry of patient information such as; the Patient’s ID, name, age, sex, race, location, height & weight, Order #, the ordering physician and the test priority, is eliminated. The standard interface is pre-configured to transmit (via TCP/IP socket connection) an HL7 result message of the LabSystem™PRO text, PDF or XML reports back to HIS or EMR systems


  • HL7 ADT/Order Messages flow from the Hospital Information System (HIS) to EPLINK via standard HL7 TCP/IP Minimal Lower Level Protocol (MLLP) socket connection. The HL7 ADT/Order messages are processed and inserted into EPLINK's intermediate database.
  • The lab technician selects the appropriate patient’s record from LabSystem™ PRO and proceeds with the test.
  • EPLINK can also sends HL7 query to the HIS and obtains patient demographics information if no HL7 ADT/Order feed available.
  • Results: Following confirmation of the EP study on LabSystem™ Pro, the study is automatically processed and reformatted by EPLINK to HL7 Result message.
  • HL7 Result message is transmitted back to the HIS or EMR systems via standard HL7 TCP/IP or FTP to a shared directory on the Network.

Interface WithThe following Systems:

  • McKESSON STAR series 2000, HPF
  • SIEMENS SMS,OPENLink, Invision, UNITY, Soarian®
  • MEDITECH, MAGIC (Client/Server), ITS
  • Allscripts, Misys, Eclipsys SCM
  • Cerner CareConnection, Millennium, PowerChart®
  • MedPlus ChartMaxx
  • Epic Systems Corporation: HyperSpace (All Revision)
  • GE Centricity (IDX)CareCast/LastWord
  • Quovadx (cloverleaf)
  • Sun Microsystem® eGate
  • Others HL7 Compliant Systems

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System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium Dual Core or Compatible Server running on Windows® server 2000/2003/2008 or
  • Intel Pentium IV Class or Compatible Interface PC running on Windows® XP Pro/Win 7 Pro
  • VMware® Server compatible
  • 100 GB + Hard Disk space
  • 10/100/1000 LAN
  • Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) enable