LINKMED® IE Worklist

Creates Worklist from HL7 and DICOM for Diagnostic Medical Devices


This LINKMED® IE package includes: Data management module and a Bi-directional interface from your system to HIS, EMR, EHR systems in HL7 or both HL7 and DICOM.
Database management module provides data extraction, query, inserts and updates to/from your database to other system,.
A Bi-directional interface provides HL7 ADT/Order Result and Billing interface from your system to the HIS or EMR Systems.
LINK Medical integration engineers will work with you and your client to built your Bi-directional HL7 interface from start to finish (including custom HL7 ORU message, ftp, batch and cold-feed).


  • Save your development time, use LINKMED® IE integration software to front-end your system for all of your integration and data exchange requirements..

  • LINKMED® IE Interface significantly cut down your cost and provides your client with HL7 result (ORU) and billing message (DFT^P03) messages or DICOM Reports for PACS on demand.

  • Easily meets your customers demand and receive their satifactions.

  • With our 20 plus years of system integration experiences we get the job done right, on time and on budget.

  • LINKMED® IE supports all version of HL7 ( 2.xx).

  • HL7 Version 3 ready (when available).

  • Compatible with all major "Iinterface Engines".

  • Message processing can be initiated based on user-defined rules or conditions.

  • Easy to install and support.

  • Support:

  • Help desk and remote access support available during ouyr normal business hour: M - F 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST. We also provide optional 7/24 support.

  • Professional staff and services to build your interface from start to production.

  • LINK Medical also provides a comprehensive range of installation and support services directly to vendors who wish to outsource their integration requirements to us in whole (Bi-directional interface) or in part (Uni-directional interface).

  • LINKMED® IE Interface with the following systems

    • McKESSON STAR series 2000, HPF
    • SIEMENS SMS,OPENLink, Invision, UNITY, Soarian®
    • MEDITECH, ITS, MAGIC(Client/Server)
    • AllScripts-MISYS, Eclipsys SCM
    • Cerner CareConnection, Millennium, PowerChart®
    • MedPlus ChartMaxx
    • Epic Systems Corporation: HyperSpace (Spring 2006:R1 R2)
    • GE Centricity (IDX)CareCast/LastWord
    • Quovadx (cloverleaf)
    • Sun SeeBeyond eGate
    • HL7 compliant systems


    System Requirements

    • Intel Pentium Dual Core or Compatible Server running on Windows® server 2000/2003/2008 or
    • Intel Pentium IV Class or Compatible Interface PC running on Windows® XP Pro/Win 7 Pro
    • VMware® Server compatible
    • 100 GB + Hard Disk space
    • 10/100/1000 LAN
    • Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) enable