LINKMED® IE HL7 ADT/Order/Result Interface

Bi-directional HL7 ADT/Order, Result and Billing Interface for Diagnostic Medical Systems and Devices

LINKMED® IE ADT/ORDER is a Bi-directional HL7 interface and workflow enhancement connecting ECG Management Systems, Patient Monitors, Cardio-Stations, Cardiac-Rehab Systems, EP Lab Systems and Diagnostic Medical Devices to HIS, RIS, PACS and EMR systems
LINKMED® ADT/ORDER allows HL7ADT/ Orders to be transferred from the HIS or EMR Systems to ECG Cardiographs, Patient Monitors, Cardio-Stations, Cardiac-Rehab Stations, EP Lab Systems and Diagnostic Medical Devices automatically or through worklist, eliminating manual data entry errors in the test studies and reports output.
LINKMED® interface accepts standard HL7 order (ORM) and ADT messages from the HIS or EMR Systems. The HL7 ADT /Order messages are processed and inserted into LINKMED® HL7 ADT/Order internal intermediate database and vendor's system.

Inbound Interface:
LINKMED® ADT/ORDER interface allows patient study's order or demographics download to ECG Cardiographs, Patient monitoring systems or Devices such as Vital Signs directly or through worklist pick. HL7 ADT and Orders information can also be sent to pre-defined "Order Inbox" directories.
Outbound Interface:
Test Results are uploaded from ECG Cardiographs, Diagnostic Medical Devices or from workstations to LINKMED® IE Interface server (or to Vendor data server) via LAN, Wireless or network where test results await confirmation by a reading physician or by technicians creating the study's reports.
Following physician's over-read and confirmation of the ECG(s) studies or technician completed the test result reports, the confirmed reports are automatically processed by LINKMED® IE Interface into DICOM reports for sending to PACS or into HL7 Result (ORU) and/or Billing (DFT) messages for transmitting back to HIS,EMR or EHR Systems via TCP/IP

LINKMED® IE HL7 ADT/Order/Result Features:

  • Eliminates manual order entry from the HIS to ECG Cardiographs, Patient Monitors or other Medical Diagnostic Instruments.
  • Convenient Work-list for Technicians to pick patient orders from LINKMED® Select application or orders can be sent directly to pre-defined inbox directories.
  • Automatically updates patient order information and merged patient orders information upon receiving updated HL7 ADT (ADT^A08 or ADT^A31) message or merged patient ADT message (ADT^A18, ADT^A34 or ADT^A35).
  • Works with both HL7 ADT alone or combined HL7 ADT/Order messages.
  • Automatically converts HL7Messages to GDT file format and GDT to HL7 (European made Diagnostic Medical Instruments)
  • Increases charge capture for Billing
  • Automatically converts HL7 messages to DICOM Files for modalities worklist and converts DICOM reports to HL7 result messages or DICOM <--> DICOM
  • For HL7 Billing interface (DFT^P03), LINKMED® HL7 ADT/Order can be configured to send separate technical and professional billing messages.
  • Provides effective solutions for test done on the fly with "Result Reconciliation" module so users can reconcile their test results to the correct orders.
  • HL7 result (ORU) message can be customized to include single or multiple sessions from Cardiac-Rehab stress-test reports.
  • HL7 result message (ORU) of patient Vital Signs (telemetry) report can be configured to send automatically at pre-defined time interval to Vendor's server and the HIS or upon receiving "HL7 Result Query" request from the HIS or EMR Systems.
  • Accepting both HL7 ADT or HL7 ADT/Order messages.
  • Accepting European GDT format (GDT to HL7 and HL7 to GDT).
  • Sending HL7 Result (ORU) and Billing (DFT) message automatically via TCP/IP socket connection


LINKMED® HL7 ADT/Order/Result Specifications:

  • Windows® based software for easy installation and support
  • Compatible with HL7 version 2.xx(HL7 version 3 ready when available).
  • Accepting both HL7 ADT or HL7 ADT/Order messages
  • Accepting European GDT format (GDT to HL7 and HL7 to GDT).
  • Sending HL7 Result (ORU) and Billing (DFT) message automatically via TCP/IP socket connection.
  • Billing messages can be batched and ftp transfer or send real-time via TCP/IP socket connection.
  • Optional Cold-feed of studies TIFF, PDF Images to McKESSON HPF and other systems.
  • HL7 result message can be customized for any HIS or EMR systems requirements, thus eliminating re-mapping of message by the HIS interface team.
  • DICOM report Files for RIS, PACS
  • Report can also be configured to view and print from LINKME® WebSelect client using internet browser.

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Interface with:

  • McKESSON STAR series 2000, HPF
  • Eclipsys SCM
  • SIEMENS SMS,OPENLink, Invision, UNITY, Soarian®
  • MEDITECH, MAGIC (Client/Server), ITS
  • Allscripts Misys
  • Cerner CareConnection, Millennium, PowerChart®
  • MedPlus ChartMaxx
  • Epic Systems Corporation: HyperSpace (All Revision)
  • GE Centricity (IDX)CareCast/LastWord
  • Quovadx (cloverleaf)
  • Sun Microsystem® eGate
  • Others HL7 Compliant Systems