NextLINKMED® Interface Engine (IE)

A turnkey solutions for healthcare information system integration. LINKMED® IE supports all widely used interface messaging standards: HL7, XML, DICOM, ASCII, CSV, SQL and User-defined.
A Complete Healthcare Interface Solutions In-A-Box. read more

NextLINKMED® Interface Technologies

Provide front-end interfacing solutions to the world's top Cardiology Systems and Diagnostic Medical Devices Vendors and malnufacturers since 1991;Companies currently using LINKMED® Technologies to provide both HL7 and DICOM interfaces connecting their Systems to their client's HIS, PACS and EMR systems.

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    Save your development time and resources by outsourcing your HL7 Interface to LINKMED® Interface Services. LINK Medical provides all resources needed to build Uni-directional or Bi-directional HL7 interface from start to go live. LINK cost-effective full interface services includes: LINKMED® IE integration software, LINKMED® system integration engineer assigned to your account, your Interface (from your system to your client HIS /EMR systems) documentation, interface Implementation, support and training with seamless transitioning from our integration team to yours. read more

    LINKMED® IE HL7 Interfacing !

    LINK Medical Computing, Inc. specializes in providing Health Level Seven (HL7) integration tools, services and solutions to the healthcare industry. While HL7 integration is our primary focus, our tools and staff are capable of dealing with a broad range of non-HL7 interface challenges. LINK works with customers to "interface-enable" their applications and systems while also provides its LINKMED® Integration Toolkit directly to vendors and hospitals IT personnel who wish to undertake their own integration. This powerful toolkit works with both HL7 and non-HL7 parameters, easily adapt to new change in Healthcare integration. LINKMED® IE software comes complete with interface templates for bi-directional HL7 ADT/Order and Result interface, custom interface requirements can be easily modified on-the-fly from the included interface templates, a true turnkey and complete HL7 interface solutions In-A-Box. No programming skill is needed.

    LINKMED® IE for Cardiology Systems

    LINKMED® IE Cardiology Systems Interface software is a workflow enhancement and Bi-directional HL7/ DICOM interface to the following Cardiology Systems: EKG Management Systems, ElectroPhysiologyLab, Cath Lab, Hemodynamic Monitors, Cardio-Station, Cardio-pulmonary systems, Threadmill- Stress Test and Cardiac Rehab Systems from/to HIS, PACS and EMR systems.

    LINKMED® IE for Diagnostic Medical Devices Interface LINKMED® IE's Integration software can seamlessly integrate with your Diagnostic Medical Devices and Systems, instantly enables your products to have a worklist and connectivity with HIS, RIS, PACS and EMR systems.